Appearance and Dance Attire

Students are expected to attend all dance classes dressed in assigned dance attire and properly groomed. In particular, hair must be in a BUN for each and every ballet class with no exceptions. Short hair must be secured off the face… no bangs.

Dance attire can be purchased as at Performing Fabrics and Dancewear in Nanaimo and Silhouette Theatre and Dance Shop in Courtney. QBSD also has a collection of used dance shoes and festival costumes at the studio to be borrowed or purchased.

Modern/Contemporary: All Ages

Body suit and tights or your choice

3 & 4 yrs old, Pre-primary & Primary Ballet

Pink leather ballet slippers, pink ballet socks, pink skirt (middle finger length), pink leotard.

Tap: All Ages

Black leotard and tights, optional wrap skirt, black patent tap shoes. Please replace laces with black elastic.

Grade 1 Ballet

Same as above except no skirt, black canvas low heel character shoes, waist elastic and optional pink ballet tights.

Jazz/Hip Hop

Black jazz pants, any colour tank top or leotard, black jazz shoes and clean indoor only running shoes.

Grades 2 to 4 Ballet

Nave blue leotard with waist elastic, pink ballet tights, pink leather ballet slippers and black canvas character shoes…Gr 2: Low Heel; Grade 3 & 4: Cuban Heel.

Musical Theatre / Strength & Stretch

Black jazz pants, any colour tank top or leotard, black jazz shoes.

Grade 5 Ballet and up

Leotard as specified by teacher for level, pink ballet tights, leather ballet slippers, black character shoes with Cuban heel.

Adult Classes

Anything comfortable that will allow you to move freely. Appropriate shoes for the class.